Certified Professional Inspector #22984

My name is Curtis, and I am the Owner and Principal Inspector of ProView Home Inspection, PLLC. Prior to my dream of owning and operating a successful and highly recommended home inspection business, I had a great career in Engineering for a Fortune Global 500 Oil & Gas company, where my hard work and attention to detail were essential. As a business owner, I bring those same qualities to every inspection, and I recognize that the success of my business relies entirely on the quality and integrity of the service I provide to you as we study and learn about your future property.


My goal is to provide you with the type of thorough home inspection I wish I’d had years ago as a homebuyer. While in the process of purchasing a home, I hired a home inspector. Unfortunately, even as the inspection was in progress, I was certain I could do a better, more thorough job. The veteran inspector I’d hired didn’t even get on the roof of the one-story house or in the attic. There are numerous structures and systems that could not possibly be inspected from a ladder leaned against the side of the roof or from the attic stairs.


Over the course of the next four years, I spent countless hours repairing and renovating my home, fulfilling many roles, including: carpenter, roofer, electrician, plumber, mason, HVAC installer, drywall and painting contractor, pool service technician, septic service technician, water well technician, sprinkler system installer, concrete contractor, landscaper, dirt worker, tree trimmer, and exterminator. Looking back, purchasing that home was a huge blessing and part of God’s plan for my life.


Hire me to inspect your home, and I guarantee you will be glad you did. (I’m so sure of it, we offer a Home Buy Back Guarantee.) I will work very hard and spend the time needed to do a stand-up job. At the end of the inspection, I will go over the report with you and answer any and all questions. I will also make myself available to advise you about your home for years to come. Helping people understand their property is what I do, and I enjoy it.

BEFORE: Curtis installing the ridge board for a shop he designed and built himself, with the exception of pouring the concrete slab. 

AFTER: Completed 400-sq. ft. workshop.